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Southern California educators, first responders to train on "active shooter" scenarios

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The L.A. County Office of Education is holding an all-day “active shooter” workshop this Friday. The training, at the agency’s compound in Downey, is designed to educate principals and police who patrol schools on how to react in the worst of all circumstances: an armed intruder  on campus.

This annual workshop will draw upon a recent real-life example, the shooting deaths of 26 elementary school students and staff in Newtown, Connecticut two months ago.

“We did debrief as an office after that incident,” said Victor Thompson, director of student support services at the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

At the workshop, presenters will talk with participants "about how to communicate with those remaining on the campus, how to evacuate the campus,” he said.

Thompson said his office received about 100 RSVPs for the training.  It’s at capacity. Emergency policies are mandatory for every school. The goal of this training, he said, is to make sure that principals, teachers, and police who patrol schools know those policies inside out.

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