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NYC mayor donates $350,000 to help elect charter-friendly candidate to LAUSD school board

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55758 full

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is again filling up the coffers of the Coalition for School Reform and its campaign to elect Antonio Sanchez, a former staffer for L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, to the Los Angeles Unified school board.

He donated $350,000  to the coalition this week.

Sanchez is facing off against lawyer and teacher Monica Ratliff to represent the east San Fernando Valley on L.A. Unified’s school board. The election is May 21st. The position pays less than $50,000 a year -- but school board races this year have drawn big money donations -- and spending.  

Bloomberg, a champion of Villaragiosa’s education policies, had already donated one million dollars in February to support three Villaraigosa-endorsed candidates – with mixed results. Of the three coalition-backed candidates, one won re-election and another lost. Sanchez was forced into a runoff. The coalition spent nearly one million dollars before the primaries.

Sanchez has only raised $15,000 since the primaries. Ratliff has raised even less: $7,000. The real money continues to come from independent expenditure committees, especially the coalition.

In addition to Bloomberg’s $350,000, Political Action Committees backing Sanchez have raised $237,000. Ratliff’s reports show a zero in the independent expenditure column.

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