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Teaching tips: How to make the last 2 weeks of school memorable

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As teachers and students enter the final weeks of the school year, the temptation of summer - freedom so close, but not quite here -  can rattle even the most dedicated pupils. Minds wander, attention spans seem to grow shorter and day dreaming often becomes harder to resist.

And once state testing and finals are done, some teachers can also get tempted into leniency and playing videos.

To help you make it the finish line, Sacramento-based high school teacher and Education week blogger Larry Ferlazzo has come up with a great list of resources for how to use classroom time during the last two weeks of school.

Some of the tips include strategies for how to avoid going into autopilot, engaging students in memorable end-of-the-year field trips, and a helpful checklist for year's-end planning. In addition, Ferlazzo features a bunch of great reading tips from Texas elementary school teacher Donalyn Miller that aim to keep kids' reading levels high during the off months. 

Resources from Ferlazzo's post:

Finishing the School Year Strong and Teaching Secrets: The Last Day of School are two pieces I've previously written for Education Week Teacher.

Ideas for English-Language Learners | Celebrating the End of the School Year is a post I recently co-authored for The New York Times Learning Network.

Middleweb has pulled together a very nice collection of related posts and articles.

And, finally, you might want to explore The Best Ideas On How To Finish The School Year Strong.

Do you have any tips for how to make the last two weeks of school memorable and engaging for students? Share ideas or resources in the comments below.

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