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Uncertainty grows over California standardized testing

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The first day of school has come and gone in many California public schools, but one big question is still hanging over the year: will schools have to administer state standardized tests or not?

As school districts start ramping up for new national standards, the state's schools superintendent he wants to give them a one-year reprieve.

But only legislators can institute the moratorium - and wrangling in Sacramento has slowed down the bill.

So principals, teachers and superintendents are left up in the air.

"They’re asking what kind of support will be available for their staff, they’re asking what kind of materials, professional development, things that they’re used to when STAR testing came out," said San Gabriel Unified Superintendent David Yashihara.

STAR is the acronym for the tests California will soon be replacing with new assessments aligned to national Common Core standards.

Yashihara said it’s fairly certain lawmakers will pass the bill, which includes other necessary changes to implement Common Core. They still have some time. The standardized tests are administered in the spring.

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