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'Classrooms of Shame' showcases dismal college rooms: Is yours?

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File this under: “Eww, I’m going to college!”

A former university professor has created Classrooms of Shame, a Tumblr blog that posts pictures and text to document the awful state of classrooms in American’s institutions of higher learning.

Postings include cockroach infestation at a private university in the Midwest, a ceiling crumbling and falling onto graduate student office space desks at a university in the South, and dehumidifiers placed in classrooms to get rid of toxic mold — machines that created so much noise, no significant learning could go on.

Former University of Oregon professor Karen Kelsky started the Tumblr earlier this year, "after hearing so many anecdotal stories from my clients and readers of the deplorable conditions of adjunct teaching facilities – offices with no phones, leaking roofs, mold, bugs, etc.," she told Inside Higher Ed.

The idea was to create a place where college and university faculty could vent their frustration and find a sympathetic ear. The idea took and even led to improvements. An instructor at a private Midwestern institution got her office fixed after she posted pictures of water damage and mold.

That shouldn't be the case locally: The Los Angeles Community College District is in the throes of a $6 billion campus construction and modernization project, and many other public colleges and universities are doing the same.

Or is it?

What's going on at your college or university campus? Are your classrooms nice and shiny, or does your head hang in shame as you walk into your classroom? Tell us in the comment section below, post a photo on our Facebook page or on Twitter and "@" mention @KPCC, or email me:

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