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LA school board votes for temporary non-voting 'advocate' for LaMotte's seat

Marguerite LaMotte

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez/KPCC

A memorial image of Marguerite LaMotte on display at the board meeting.

The Los Angeles Unified school board Tuesday voted to bring in a non-voting representative to fill the seat vacated by the death of Marguerite LaMotte last month until a  special election can be held this summer.

The vote came after the district's lawyer determined an interim with voting power could not be appointed. 

Board member Steve Zimmer brought the resolution, which passed by a 4-2 vote.

"It is my intent through this process to bring the most absolute maximum degree of representation that we can sculpt within the parameters of the law," Zimmer said, advocating that the representative would shoulder the day-to-day business of District 1's board office. The advocate will be unseated upon confirmation of the elected board member this summer.

Board member Monica Ratliff was one of the opponents.

"I can't imagine putting someone in that chair who can't vote," Ratliff said. "I think that's problematic."

The board will discuss the job description and selection process on Feb. 11.

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