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Weigh in: New national arts education standards almost final

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The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards is nearing completion of a new set of PreK-12 arts standards - the first revamp since 1994.

The public review period on the latest draft opened Friday, and the group is inviting public feedback until February 28. A first look at the final new standards is expected to be unveiled in San Diego at the National Art Education Association's conference in March. The final rollout is scheduled for June.

"The world has changed. The arts are so different," said Cory Wilkerson, director of communications and technology for the Coalition. She said the proposed new standards reflect technology changes and will include a new "media arts" category which includes animation, sound design and virtual design practices used in video games. 

"For standards to work well," she said, "they have to be able to speak to all kinds of people who will be touched by the arts."

The other standards categories are dance, music, theater and visual arts. 

The new standards will be voluntary and available for states that choose to adopt them. The 1994 standards were adopted by more than 45 states. 

About 200 people from across the country have taken part in their creation. Educators from the Los Angeles Unified School District are among the California members of the writing teams. 

The new standards could start making their way into classrooms as early as this fall, according to Wilkerson.

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