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How California schools spent $13 billion generated by Prop 30

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The California State Controller's Office launched a website Wednesday tracking how money from Prop 30 is being spent by charter schools, school districts and community colleges. 

The measure was approved in November of 2012 and has since pulled in $13.1 billion for teachers, textbooks and general operations, according to the site. But the new funds hardly outweigh the overall cuts to education funding since the recession. 

A glimpse of the new Prop 30 tracking website

Last year, the state's largest district, Los Angeles Unified, raked in $660 million from Prop 30, bringing the total revenue to $5.67 billion.  In the 2007-2008 school year, the district took in an additional $1 billion more to help make ends meet.

Across the state, 80 percent of Prop 30 money was spent on teacher salaries and benefits - keeping in step with what's by far the largest expense in any school district or charter school budget.

The new website allows users to drill down for information on different types of expenses. For example, last year L.A. Unified spent over $900,000 paying down debt,  another $8 million on travel and conferences, and $24.5 million on communications.

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