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After years of cuts, Cal State University hiring more faculty

4002 full
4002 full

Expecting a significant funding boost from Sacramento the coming fiscal year, the 23-campus California State University system is going on a hiring spree. It expects to hire up to 700 new full-time faculty members.

“This ability to hire more faculty is critical for students. It enables us to offer more class sections and to help more students reach their academic potential and earn their degrees,” CSU spokeswoman Laurie Weidner said.

In 2008, the recession hit state revenues hard, and lawmakers began cutting Cal State’s budget by about $1 billion in the following years. Class offerings shrank, and Cal State trimmed new student enrollment.

But the university didn’t freeze faculty hiring completely. In 2012 ,CSU hired 382 faculty members, and the year after, it hired 470, Weidner said. Despite those hires, Cal State lost about 1,000 full time faculty members during the budget cuts.

“Even with the hiring of some 600-700 additional new faculty, our overall tenure-track faculty numbers are still well below 2008 levels," she said.

Cal State’s received $125 million more this year, and it’s expected to get that and about $17 million more in the next fiscal year.

The boost comes as demand for a Cal State education has been growing. The university received a record 760,000 applications for freshmen slots for this coming fall, Weidner said. 

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