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Students rally to protest plans to eliminate adult education

LAUSD Rally in LA's Pershing Square

Mike Roe/KPCC

Another rally against LAUSD cuts in LA's Pershing Square.

Adult education students are rallying today near downtown to protest plans by LAUSD officials to cut the entirety of the program because of budget troubles.

Students will be protesting at 12:30 p.m. in front of Evans Community Adult School, one of roughly 30 schools that may not be open for the next school year given the $543 budget shortfall the district faces.

Evelyn Marin, 39, of Los Angeles, has been studying ESL for the last three years at Evans and is helping organize the rally. Marin, originally from El Salvador, said she can't afford to pay for private school to finish her English studies. She wants to improve her skills so that she can attend high school and eventually train to become a psychologist.

"If [the district] is going to cut everything and close the schools, how am I going to finish?" Marin said.