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Race should be part of college admissions process, UC officials say in briefs

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The U.S. Supreme Court will take on the latest chapter in affirmative-action related cases when it hears Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin in October. California and UC, among dozens of others, filed briefs in support of the university's use of race in its admissions decisions.

The state of California, the University of California and dozens of other groups filed briefs today in support of the University of Texas at Austin in a U.S. Supreme Court case challenging its use of race in undergraduate admissions decisions.

Fisher vs. University of Texas at Austin is the latest chapter in a series of affirmative action-related cases that will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. The case will go before the justices in October; amicus briefs were due Monday. Abigail Noel Fisher filed suit in 2008 after she applied to be an undergraduate at UT and was denied admission.

Fisher, who is white, alleges that the UT's use of race as a factor in its admissions process is unconstitutional.

The case has garnered much interest because of the impact such a ruling could have on the continuously changing landscape of college admissions.