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A conversation with author Reyna Grande on illegal border crossings and today's DREAMERS

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Courtesy Reyna Grande

Author Reyna Grande.

A conversation with author Reyna Grande on crossing the border as a 10-year-old, getting dumped into the reject pile, and today’s DREAMERS

During Tuesday night’s Presidential debate President Obama and Governor Romney touched on immigration reform and lay out their plans for immigrant students.  Both candidates advocated for a pathway toward legal residency for undocumented “young people” who were brought to the United States as children.

That’s a topic author Reyna Grande knows a lot about.

Grande is a Mexican-American writer who lived in silence and shadows as an undocumented child in Southern California. Her latest book, a memoir called “The Distance Between Us” chronicles the LA-based writer’s journey from Mexico - left behind by her parents, living in poverty - to the US, and her coming of age in Highland Park.