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All LA County Informal Juvenile and Traffic Courts to close June 15

Jordon Cooper/Flickr (Creative Commons-licensed)

Los Angeles Superior Court

All 13 Informal Juvenile and Traffic Courts are scheduled to close June 15 and those cases instead routed through adult traffic courts or to the Probation Department as part of an effort to contend with deep state funding cuts and reduce the Los Angeles County Superior Courts spending by $30 million.

The change means 65,000 cases that involve typically lower-level offenses that students are cited for in and around school campuses, for example daytime curfew violations or disorderly conduct, will be sent to the Probation Department, which can determine whether to dismiss them, divert them, or send them onward to the District Attorney for filing, said Juvenile Court Presiding Judge Michael Nash.

Nash said the Probation Department is working on developing a plan as to how it will deal with the influx of juvenile cases.