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Educators unveil online role-playing game to increase college-going rates

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USC's new online role-playing game teaches planning for college application process.

A new online game for high school students is designed around one of the most important, most complicated and most frustrating jobs that teenagers face: applying to college.

The game is called “Mission: Admission” and anyone with a Facebook account can play. It’s been three years in the making through a partnership with USC’s Game Innovation Lab.

“We really want to teach them strategies and give them a safe place to fail,” said USC education researcher Zoe Corwin.

Failing in the game is no big deal. Failing to get into the right college because deadline was missed or an application was incomplete is a really big deal.
In "Mission: Admission," a cartoon-like avatar juggles a busy calendar that requires the student to get letters of recommendation and fill out applications, all while studying on an imaginary high school campus. The player can run out of energy, miss deadlines, or fall short of the require qualifications for college admissions.