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Thousands of students cited for playing hooky get a break

Thousands of L.A. students who got tickets for playing hooky are getting a big break.

Truancy citations for students who were late to class will be dismissed under new guidelines released last week by Judge Michael Nash, who is the presiding judge of L.A.'s Juvenile Court.

Under the new rules, the courts will dismiss the $250 tickets if students can prove they were late or on their way to school when cited by an officer. The new rules go into effect immediately.

Students with chronic truancy will have 60 days to improve their attendance record and to take and complete programs to help them get back on track in school. Those who don't may be sentenced to community service or have their driving privileges suspended.

The guideline change comes roughly two months after the Los Angeles School Police Department said it would relax its truancy policy and limit tickets issued to students for not being in class.