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LAUSD wants a new, less controversial homework policy

Now that LA Unified is revising its controversial homework policy, parents are getting a chance to air their grievances and make suggestions at a series of forums held around the district.

Criticism of the initial proposal - rolled out in May 2011- was fierce and immediate. It set the minimum time spent on homework at 10 minutes per subject, and established a percentage for homework weighting in final grades at 10%. Superintendent John Deasy suspended the new rules and said that while it was well-intentioned, the plan lacked input from parents, teachers and the Board of Education. 

For the most part, “parents are complaining that there’s too much homework,” said Jan Davis, Chair of the Homework Working Group, which is responsible for drafting the new policy. But, the challenge, she said, is in striking a balance that will work for teachers and students across the district.