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School plan to outfit students with tablet computers encounters speed bumps in Manhattan Beach

Customers test new IPad, on April 4, 201


A pilot program to incorporate the iPad into classroom instruction is meeting both support and opposition in Manhattan Beach.

The idea of deploying the latest technology in the schools wins approval from parents like Geri Miller.

"We have to think of it as the steppingstone to make kids ready for a global economy," Miller says. "They’re entering into a life where computers, iPads, whatever, is part and parcel of being a sought-after employee."

Miller’s son is a junior at Mira Costa High School in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. That school is participating in a district-wide program that’s using iPads in the classroom, and most parents seem eager to expand the program to every student in the district.

But teachers aren’t feeling the love for iPad.

Teachers at every instructional level say it’s one thing to have the device, and quite another to get the support they need to incorporate it into their lesson plans.