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LA Unified principals send over 8,000 files of possible unreported misconduct

Miramonte Elementary School

Grant Slater/KPCC

Miramonte Elementary School

So far, L.A. Unified officials have received about 8,000 files from school principals after they were ordered to send in any unreported misconduct files from over the last 40 years.

LAUSD spokesman Thomas Waldman said not all of the files that have been sent in are necessarily "unreported misconduct," although that is what Superintendent John Deasy directed principals to send in and "that is the intent of the process."

"Perhaps other kinds of files were mistakenly included," Waldman said. "We just don't know yet."

In February, Deasy ordered principals at 1,048 schools to submit all such files by May 30. But that deadline has been extended to June 22, Waldman said.

Some principals have had trouble easily locating files, which may have been moved over years, or faced technical glitches trying to send them in, said Judith Perez, president of the Associated Administrators of Los Angeles. The union had received about a dozen calls from principals who weren't able to finish in time.


LAUSD files 604 cases of alleged teacher misconduct with state from past 4 years

Miramonte Elementary School

Grant Slater/KPCC

Miramonte Elementary School is the center of a scandal where two teachers have been accused of engaging in lewd acts with students.

L.A. Unified officials have sent more than 600 cases of alleged teacher misconduct from the past four years to the state’s teacher credentialing agency for possible investigation.

Superintendent John Deasy ordered the filing or refiling of all cases of teachers accused of misconduct over the past four years in February after KPCC reported that the district broke state law when it waited a year before notifying the state that it had fired Miramonte Elementary School teacher Mark Berndt. Berndt is charged with committing lewd acts with children.

"The whole project has been completed and all of the files we deemed appropriate to go up there were sent up," Deasy said today.

In all 604 cases were sent dating back to July 1, 2008, said LAUSD spokesman Thomas Waldman. According to the commission's most recent numbers recorded May 12, 103 cases were previously reported by the district and 122 are not within its jurisdiction; about 60 percent warrant formal review. The cases include a range of issues from failure to maintain a required credential to "an allegation of abuse of a child."


Only one teacher dismissal bill remains alive at state Legislature

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California State Assembly floor

Only one of three bills recently introduced in the state Legislature that aim to make it easier to dismiss teachers is alive today, and may continue on to change state law.

AB2028, sponsored by Republican state Assemblymen Cameron Smyth of Santa Clarita and Steve Knight of the Antelope Valley, died in the Assembly Appropriations Committee today — the end of the fiscal deadline.

The bill, which was significantly amended last month, would eliminate the four-year limitation on introducing evidence to be used in proceedings and allow the dismissal process to begin during the summer.

AB2028 passed out of committee in its amended form last month, but was put "on suspense" in the Appropriations Committee because it cost more than $150,000; a hearing was held today to take bills off suspense, but AB2028 died without a vote, said Sabrina Lockhart, a spokeswoman for the Office of Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway.


20 new schools to open as part of LAUSD building program

Tami Abdollah / KPCC

Miramonte Elementary School's scheduled reopening this fall as a smaller campus that is off the year-round calendar is a result of L.A. Unified's decade-long building program to relieve overcrowding.

Students will head to South Region Elementary School #12 depending on where they live, said district spokeswoman Monica Carazo.

South Region Elementary is one of 20 new schools that are scheduled to open Aug. 14, Carazo said. Once these schools open, only three schools, including two elementary and one high school, will remain on the year-round calendar, Carazo said.

That is in marked contrast to the 227 schools the district had on year-round calendars during the 2002-3 school year, Carazo said.

Tami Abdollah can be reached via email and on Twitter (@latams).


Most of Miramonte Elementary's relocated teachers will have to find a new campus

Miramonte Elementary School

Grant Slater/KPCC

Miramonte Elementary School

More than half of the 85 Miramonte Elementary School teachers removed from their classrooms will have to apply to teach at a new campus in the fall when the South L.A. school reopens slightly smaller and moves off its year-round calendar.

Miramonte's entire staff was removed and placed at the unopened Augustus F. Hawkins High School in February after two teachers were arrested on charges of lewd conduct with students in separate cases. As investigations come to a close, L.A. Unified Superintendent John Deasy said "cleared" teachers will be able to return to teaching.

But because of the district's longtime effort to transition schools off a year-round calendar, several hundred of Miramonte Elementary School's students will instead be transferred to South Region Elementary School #12 in the fall based on where they live.