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LAUSD janitor Paul Adame arrested for lewd acts, victim details withheld


Paul Adame

A press conference was held Monday afternoon to address the latest LAUSD sexual abuse arrest, this time in Chatsworth.

Paul Adame, 37, a Germain Street Elementary School janitor, was arrested on Sunday on investigation of lewd acts against a child. The incident allegedly took place Friday during school hours, authorities confirmed.

Due to the sensitive nature of the incident, no details about about the assault will be released. The name, age and gender of the victim are also being withheld.  The victim's mother reported inappropriate contact to the Devonshire Area police station.

Adame, who has a misdemeanor conviction for driving without owners consent but no known history of sexual assault, is on "administrative leave," officials said. He will not be reassigned to another campus or have contact with school children.