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National Week of Action: Human Rights Workshop for parents tonight

As part of the annual National Week of Action to raise awareness about the more than 3 million students suspended out-of-school each year and call on states and school districts to implement positive discipline policies, CADRE – Community Asset Development Redefining Education – is hosting a talk framing access to education as a human right for all students. 

While CADRE concentrates its efforts in South LA schools, tonight's workshop is open to all parents who live in similar economic and social situations whose children, organizers say, are caught in a “system of pushout rather than equal opportunity and access in our public schools.”

 The objective of the workshop is to train parents to lead their own grassroots movements “changing the rules of the game (educational policies) so that public schools not only provide a quality education to all children, in every neighborhood, but also function as community institutions that value social justice and respond to community needs.”