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Armed robbery and double homicide raise concerns over USC safety

USC Memorial

Mae Ryan/KPCC

A fellow student stands at Wednesday night's memorial service for two international grad students killed near USC's campus.

An armed robbery and two murders of USC students have students, neighborhoods, and staff talking about safety around the university.

It’s unclear whether the armed robbery suspect shot Wednesday by a University of Southern California police officer is tied to the recent murders of two international graduate students, but the latest incident has re-ignited concerns about safety from students, neighbors and people who work at USC.

Gunshots aren’t a familiar sound around the campus, says Frances Wang. The sophomore lives in the “safety zone” patrolled by USC police — but even so, she says her mother will worry.

"She's always been very worried about the neighborhood but I've always reassured her," says Wang. "We purposefully live closer to campus in a nice apartment that's fairly new. And now she's like, 'I want you to live on campus.'"