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Parcel tax would charge Angelenos $200 to $300 annually to raise cash for schools

School Shooting

Nick Ut/AP

The incoming head of the Los Angeles Unified School District, John Deasy, speaks to the media while students line up for a security check upon their arrival at Gardena High School in Gardena, Calif. on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011. The high school where a gun went off in a student's backpack and wounded two classmates failed to use a metal-detector to check youngsters as required, Deasy, said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

L.A. Unified Superintendent John Deasy gave a few more details on a possible parcel tax to KPCC this morning. He said though it is premature to say exactly how much it would ask people to pay, it is probably in the range of $200 to $300 a year per parcel, to try to close the district's budget gap and raise money for schools.

"The range will be determined by the gap," Deasy said. It's not a political's about necessity."

The nation's second-largest district faces a $543 million budget shortfall and the potential of more cuts if an initiative Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to put before voters to raise taxes is not approved. The governor's proposed 2012 budget presumes these initiatives would pass; otherwise public education would be hit by $4.8 billion in cuts.

The initiative would temporarily increase sales tax by one-and-a-half percent and income taxes on people earning more than $250,000. The increases would expire in 2017.