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Cal State faculty finally strike a deal in 2-year contract negotiations

After two and a half years of litigious negotiations, protests and a strike vote, faculty at the 23 Cal State campuses overwhelmingly approved a new contract with the university system.

Union members didn’t gain much – the 1% across-the-board salary increase they’d asked for was a no-go. But they did manage to stave off even more cuts.

Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association, said it was imperative for future negotiations not to concede too much in this round.

“Not being in a hole is a real victory,” Taiz said and added, “We got some small things for our members…Really important elements.” 

Those elements included preventing wage cuts for summer school and extension course faculty, and securing 3-year contracts for part-time lecturer faculty. That’ll provide some job security for more than half the teaching staff at Cal State campuses.


LAUSD and classified workers union agree on 10 furlough days

LAUSD board protesters

Tami Abdollah / KPCC

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside L.A. Unified headquarters downtown as the board met inside to discuss the district's dire budget picture. (March 2012)

L.A. Unified and its classified workers union have reached a tentative agreement on 10 furlough days for the 2012-13 school year that will save about 6,000 union jobs and $40 million in district spending, union and district officials said today.

The agreement would affect about 30,000 SEIU Local 99 members, who include cafeteria workers, special education assistants, bus drivers, custodians and instructional aides. It will go before members for a vote from June 6 through 9, said union spokeswoman Blanca Gallegos. A majority must approve the agreement before it goes into effect. The L.A. Unified school board will also take a vote on the agreement on June 12, said district spokesman Thomas Waldman.

The classified union has already taken 16 furlough days over the last three years, Gallegos said. This academic year union members took four furlough days, she said. But 10 furlough days — or the equivalent of two unpaid weeks off — next year would be the greatest number they have taken in any one year, Gallegos said.