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LA Unified schools to let out 3 days early; schedule details

Loyola Village Elementary School

Tami Abdollah / KPCC

The playground at Loyola Village Elementary School.

L.A. Unified officials said today they will end this school year three days earlier after an arbitrator ruled the district could impose up to five furlough days on teachers.

The district will send out a letter to parents today that details the scheduling change depending on the calendar the school is on.

"We regret having to reduce the number of instructional days, but with our continuing loss of State financial support, we believe it is necessary," wrote LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy in the letter.

"I am relieved that the upcoming reduced instructional time for this school year is three days rather than the five days of last year. The savings that result from these reduced instructional days will help us retain more teachers and staff to serve your children."

Below are the letters in English and in Spanish:


Arbitrator rules LA Unified can impose 5 furlough days; school ends early

LAUSD board meeting protesters

Tami Abdollah / KPCC

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside L.A. Unified headquarters downtown as the board met inside to discuss the district's dire budget picture in March.

An arbitrator has ruled that L.A. Unified can impose up to five furlough days on teachers this school year to save the district $75 million in payroll costs, according to UTLA.

L.A. Unified spokesman Thomas Waldman said the district will impose four furlough days: one will be a pupil free day and three will be taken in June to end the school year earlier, on June 19, for a traditional single-track school schedule. The early start calendar would end May 29, Waldman said. The district will be sending out a letter to parents today informing them of the ruling and schedule changes, he said.

United Teachers Los Angeles said in its statement posted online Thursday that it had requested the arbitration because it believed the district had received adequate state funding and didn't need to impose the furlough days.


Miramonte abuse scandal: LAUSD shoots down union claims Miramonte teachers won't be allowed back

Vanessa Romo/KPCC

Some Miramonte students and parents protest a complete change in faculty and staff at the elementary school. The protest sign reads: "We don't want new teachers"

The United Teachers Los Angeles said this morning that the 85 Miramonte Elementary teachers removed following the arrests of two former teachers accused of lewd acts with children would not be allowed to return regardless of the investigation's outcome. But LAUSD's Superintendent John Deasy quickly shot back, calling the claim "absolutely false."

The fracas came as children were returning to Miramonte to resume classes after a two-day hiatus to replace staff, a move that will cost the district millions of dollars.

UTLA head Warren Fletcher said outside the school that it received notice yesterday that teachers wouldn't return, despite what Deasy told parents on Monday. Fletcher called the permanent relocation a "disciplinary transfer outside of the investigation" and said in a release “It’s clear that LAUSD does not have a plan."