Elections 2010

Candidates heavy on the attack, light on facts

Voters may be looking for a change of pace in the 2010 election, but many of the campaigns so far seem like politics as usual.

Take the race for California governor. The two campaigns have already issued a total of 363 attacks on one another, according to California Watch's Politics Verbatim, which tracks most of the statements made by the two candidates.

Brown, who said his campaign wouldn't indulge in mudslinging made 186 attacks, mostly at Whitman, while Whitman has made 167 such statements aimed at Brown and targets like the California Nurses Association.

If anyone benefits from the political mudslinging, it's probably sites like PolitiFact and FactCheck - nonpartisan projects devoted to analyzing a fraction of the countless, controversial and often untrue statements regularly made on both sides of the aisle.

Their scope sometimes leaves a little to be desired - Jerry Brown's current rating as a truthteller comes from his once correctly stating that California's credit is the worst in the country - but it's a good reminder to take most political ads with a grain of salt.

Some recent statements they've caught:

Governor's Race

Senate Race

  • Barbara Boxer has passed more than three bills in 18 years, as Carly Fiorina claims.

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