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Characters come out for Obama's USC trip

The four streets surrounding the University of Southern California were blocked off this morning for a visit from the Commander-in-Chief and traffic suffered despite President Obama's shrewd/stylish tactic to fly into campus on Marine One.

The 30,000 people expected to attend Obama's stumping took a more pedestrian mode of transportation since parking was at a premium. Fortunately, walking to the USC campus offered unique opportunities for colorful characters to make their voices heard.

We begin with a vendor sporting a shirt and buttons with Obama's campaign logo seamlessly freestyle rapping to passersby.

"Come on and support the students, who represent not an election but a movement," the unnamed spirited vendor said. "I see you getting me by your flip phone; we're trying to come into your home and say we're here to grab the system by the throat. Everybody: we need you to vote!"


"America will be failin' if we get somebody clueless like Sarah Palin," he said.


Another citizen journalist with a camera caught a small street procession of two regally-dressed ladies dressed as Republican candidates Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina.



"Cuts to education!" said one with a sash that said "Queen Meg."

"Cuts to all your jobs!" said the other.

"In twelve days, California will be ours!"

Unfortunately, no videos of pro-Republican characters of such caliber were uploaded at the time of this post. If you have footage you'd like to share, please leave a comment below!