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Linda McMahon Senate campaign wins right for fans to wear wrestling T-shirts at polls

Republican Linda McMahon's hopes in Connecticut look slim; The New York Times' FiveThirtyEight forecast currently gives her a 0.0 percent chance of winning. (That is not a typo.)

Things were about to look dimmer, as last week an aide with the Connecticut Secretary of State's Office said that they were considering asking voters wearing World Wrestling Entertainment attire to cover up the logo. McMahon is the company's former CEO and it's a family business, with her husband Vince McMahon taking over as CEO once she stepped down to run for Senate.

However, Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz announced yesterday that the state will not prohibit people wearing WWE merchandise from wearing said merchandise into the voting booth. So, feel free to wear your Hulkamania T-shirts proudly when you vote next Tuesday!

Vince McMahon responded to the announcement, writing, "Attorney General Richard Blumenthal should have immediately stepped in to enforce the law. As a result of the Attorney General's inaction, I brought suit to enfroce these basic, fundamental constitutional rights. Within hours of filing the lawsuit, Blumenthal recused himself,and Bysiewicz reversed her position."

WWE has been encouraging their fans to vote, as well as beginning a "Stand Up For WWE" campaign fighting back against perceived media attacks on WWE and holding a fan appreciation event in Connecticut days before the election. Democratic opponent Richard Blumenthal also recently argued that WWE was engaging in illegal coordination with the Linda McMahon campaign. The McMahon campaign has vigorously rejected these charges.

Check out the first "Stand Up For WWE" video below: