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What will the pundits say after the election? (Pundit Bingo!)

Political scientist/media critic Brendan Nyhan made this handy bingo game for you to play along as you follow the results of today's election:

Nyhan argues that there are some pretty simple reasons for the predicted Republican gains in Congress, particularly the House of Representatives. These include the large number of seats Democrats have to defend while also having a Democratic president, as well as the continued poor economy.

However, with pundits having a lot of time to fill and articles to write, they're going to be reaching for more to talk about which played much smaller roles, but which help to fill space.

NPR doesn't escape Nyhan's criticism; he talks about an NPR story where Guy Raz pointed out that presidents who lost control of Congress during their first term went on to be re-elected. However, Nyhan thinks this look at history misses the point.


As I've noted many times before, Clinton's victory was primarily the result of the growing economy, not the Republican Congress, his move toward the center, or the government shutdown. As John Sides correctly argues, divided government is likely to be bad for Obama because he'll "have less power but no less accountability."


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(via Andrew Sullivan)