5 California political myths

UC Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain had an editorial over the weekend for the Washington Post talking about five myths of California politics. Cain's five myths:

1. California is a high-taxing, big-spending state.

Cain points out that, relative to personal income levels, California's state and local taxes rank 18th per capita in the nation. California also has the second lowest number of state employees per capita.

2. California is a majority- minority, solidly blue state.

California's nonwhite population is now the majority, but the electorate is still two-thirds white. According to Cain, "This voting gap between whites and nonwhites is primarily based on differences in average age, citizenship rates and socioeconomic status." Also, while Democrats hold an advantage when it comes to voter registration, there were only four Democratic governors elected during the 20th century.


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