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Copenhagen's Laboratories: Olav Kjorven says local policies influence global climate talks

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks plenty about how important California is as a laboratory for national climate policy. (and that's pronounced with an emphasis on the second syllable, if you want to sound like an evil genius, which is always worth it) So does Antonio Villaraigosa, and so do other city leaders. This week we're actually hearing that's true from people working at the national level that these guys may be right. (Of course, they refer to local and state governments as "sub-national" which reminds me of submarines, which reminds me of Tom Clancy, which reminds me, it really does all come back to Harrison Ford.)

Anyway, me and Patt Morrison, we both talked to Olav Kjorven: he's the policy director for the United Nations Environment Programme, and assistant Secretary-General. Check it out: