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Schwarzenegger goes HIS way on RPS

More on new laws - and Schwarzenegger's vetos - as I wade through announcements. But, little surprise, the Governator rejected Assemblyman Paul Krekorian's AB21.

Schwarzenegger says, "As a world leader in climate change and renewable energy development, California needs a regional approach that provides streamlined regulatory processes and compliance flexibility that facilitate the timely construction of in-state resources. This legislative package does the opposite – adds new regulatory hurdles to permitting renewable resources in the state, at the same time limiting the importation of cost-effective renewable energy from other states in the West."

Last month, state lawmakers passed a mandate for California utilities: 33 percent of their power must come from renewables. Schwarzenegger ignored this; he signed an executive order with a similar mandate that's more generous with credits for out of state offsetting.

Keep in mind, too, we've got Republican gubernatorial candidates threatening to roll back Schwarzenegger's executive order if they get into office.

How exactly the governor's RPS will play out isn't yet clear: rules will get written at the California Air Resources Board. It's not surprising the governor did this, necessarily. Environmentalists I talked to at the Climate Summit in the Century City Hyatt said they were hopeful they could lobby the Governor to support the legislation. Guess that didn't work.

UPDATE: Well, looky here, he vetoed Simitian's bill, too.