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Stormwater runoff plans: state moves to keep water, not let it go

Still picking through the carcass of the end of legislation season, and finding interesting developments. Fran Pavley's SB 790 passed AND passed muster with the Governor: he signed into law the bill that encourages new stormwater runoff management - a big deal for southern California, where so many of our streets send the nasty into, say, the LA River, for one.

Pavley's law - which Andy Lipkis and TreePeople pushed too - will authorize grants for stormwater management projects. And it will encourage local agencies and cities to make stormwater management plans that include groundwater recharge, local infiltration, water flows that mimic natural systems, low impact development, and capturing water for use locally.

TreePeople has been big into this with its demo cistern (which, if the skies are any indication, will get a little more full in the next few days). The City of LA has also worked on this issue, with the partnership that yielded Oros Green Street a few years ago, and the rain barrel pilot project program I profiled yesterday (with timing so good I didn't even know it!).