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This ain't no place for the weary kind: Cohen does Crazy Heart

If you really need an environmental hook for this, I can tell you that for the new film Crazy Heart, Fox Searchlight did web-based electronic press kits (EPKs) – thereby helping cut plastic waste and, for that matter, business at the post office. Also, with KPCC’s Alex Cohen at the premiere, I noticed that Jeff Bridges had a silvery mane of hair cresting over his head that reminded me of a river. In the movie, he drives a Suburban, which was my first car, and I can testify both to the accuracy of engine’s rumble and the tank’s thirst. But otherwise: this is just a public service announcement.

Bridges plays a guy named Bad, a country singer reduced to playing bowling alleys (though, I gotta say, in at least one bowling alley I know in New Orleans, that’s a sought-after gig) who has to pull his one pair of sunglasses out of a garbage can he pukes in. But if you think it’s some obvious Heartwarming Tale Of Redemption™, or a Wrenching Portrait of An Unredeemed Alcoholic™, uh, no. It’s lovely all on its own.

The enormity of Colorado’s mountains, the vastness of the southwest, the loneliness that can rise around you on a Texas road. It’s all in the music. T-Bone Burnett worked on it, Bridges strums his own guitar and sings, and the song that takes its little hand and squeezes your heart in its fist is called The Weary Kind. That’s where the public service part comes in.

The writer of the song is Ryan Bingham. Alex interviews him TODAY on our air, and while I haven’t heard it yet, I’m reasonably certain the guy has something to say. I know he has a song to play, ‘cause I can’t get it out of my head.

UPDATE 12/13: Here's the interview.