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Haiti recovery essentials: water, medical supplies...and cell phones?

On my way back to our downtown bureau from our soon-to-be-new-building, I heard really interesting stories today from The World: first, Matthew Bell reports on the pressing need for water in Haiti: water purification systems and tablets so that people can carry water home in plastic jugs (they don't get to worry about what kind of plastic that is, this week). What came next surprised me a little and in a good way: a story about people who set up communications in disaster areas - first, for aid workers, then calling centers for everyone.

During the water story I was thinking of what it means; how some international political theorists think of it as a "basic right." Like liberty, and food. Plenty of people have written books about water as a coming political crisis in recent years: Steven Solomon has one out I'd love to read, called Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power and Civilization. (interestingly, he's got a blurb from the guy who wrote The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power. Must all quests be epic?) At the State of the Bay Conference yesterday, I listened to Dr. Bill Cooper from UC Irvine's Urban Water Research Center talk about how he thought the price for water was ridiculously low in California, where it's increasingly scarce. I think of Katrina, of course; people without water for days, without much water for a week. It doesn't matter that it's in our country. What matters is the unquenched and unquenchable need.