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Add another shelf to our trophy case

I'm really proud of my KPCC colleagues who won awards from the Radio Television News Association of Southern California this weekend. So I'm linking to their stories. At least, the ones I can find. Your guess is as good as mine about parts of our website.

In October, Patt Morrison went to the Governor's Global Climate Summit and talked to just about everyone. Seriously. I mean, they did it somewhat in order of importance, but they had a lot of great conversations.

Back in April, Susan Valot reported on a hockey exhibit in O.C. What makes that story special to me is that Susan is a hockey fanatic. To watch, yes, but to play, more - she missed the awards dinner because she was at a hockey tournament in Vegas winning a different trophy. So two shiny trophies in one night for hockey for Valot. Huzzah!

And in August, Patricia Nazario reported on Remote Area Medical coming to Inglewood for a free clinic. It was an astounding day, and a long one for Patricia, not to mention the doctors and patients out there.

I can't find Chris Ames' commentary on Donald Sterling ads. Same goes for Kitty Felde's Dodgers documentary, which aired at the end of September. For the time being, you'll have to trust me that they were awesome.

We win our share of awards around here. We get up every day and find more stories whether we do or not. Shiny trophies aren't remotely the reason why. (Winning as many as Frank Stoltze might be.)

Still, I'm not going to lie: I like making my dad proud. This time I did.