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UPDATE: Boxer, Baucus & EPW

Some interesting updates to a blog entry I made a few days ago about Boxer, Baucus and the comments about her EPW leadership.

During the debate, Carly Fiorina's people tweeted a link to comments made during a hearing in July. To me outside Washington, it looked like Baucus could have been dinging less conservative Dems generally rather than Boxer specifically. Worth noting that Republicans have spun that as utter repudiation of Boxer's chairmanship cloaked in Senatorial courtesy, even with Baucus releasing comments like this (after Wednesday's debate):

"Senator Boxer is a strong and effective Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and delivers for California time and again. I strongly support Senator Boxer and completely reject any claims to the contrary."

I don't know if that's true. I don't know if it's not. It does seem to me what matters most in terms of the environment is what Boxer accomplished in that EPW committee. Still curious about that.

Oh, and: don't know how I missed this the first time, but Senator Inhofe - whose office posted the Boxer-Baucus video that's been the source of so much discussion - told a reporter he was confident he'll be chairman of EPW after the mid-term elections. He's not the only one who smells an opportunity - rising Dems may, too, and beltway press have speculated about that. But Inhofe might be the only one who keeps a running list of hundreds of "dissenting" scientists - those who disagree with thousands of other scientists that global warming is at least in part man-made - on his web page, and he might be the only one who believes global warming caused by people is a hoax.