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Beyond CicLAvia: Is L.A. ready for permanent street parks?

Los Angeles is abuzz with excitement for Sunday’s CicLAvia — a one-day event that already has everyone from environmentalists to park-space advocates hoping for more frequent — or even permanent — CicLAvia-type events in the future. If you’re having a tough time imagining what L.A.’s streets would look like sans cars, here’s a short video that’ll spark your imagination!

See how a street in Queens, New York got transformed into a temporary urban park of sorts when cars were turned away to make room for people to play. The StreetsFilms video shows how the weekly pop up park got so popular that it became a daily park, open 24-7 to kids and community members to play, bike, and laze in during July and August. (via Treehugger)

Think we could have something similar in Los Angeles? As many KPCC fans know, L.A.’s an especially park-poor city. According to The Trust for Public Land’s report City Park Facts 2010, Los Angeles devotes a meager 7.9 percent of its city area to park space — far lower than the 10.2 percent average for high density cities. Calculated by population, L.A. dedicates 6.2 acres of parkland per 1000 residents — again, lower than the 6.9 percent average for high density cities.

If those stats depress you — get happy by attending CicLAvia! Then start planning for more CicLAvias — or other park-friendly events and ideas for Los Angeles. Get started by reading Yes! magazine’s guide to reclaiming your streets — complete with 6 ways to create safe and social pedestrian plazas.

What street would you like to see turned into a park?