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Palin takes on the Delta Smelt

Noted, but not with much comment: Sarah Palin, appearing in Anaheim at an event Frank Stoltze attended and will cover for KPCC.

Ms. Palin made one brief mention of Senator Barbara Boxer, the woman Ms. Fiorina is trying to defeat, belittling her for voting to support water restrictions in the agriculturally rich Central Valley to protect an endangered species, the delta smelt.

“How about the priorities of Barbara Boxer?” Ms. Palin said. “She’d rather protect that two-inch fish than the water supply. You call it a two-inch fish. Where I come from, we call that bait.”

Shades of Richard Pombo, but Sarah Palin comes by her hostility to the Endangered Species Act honestly and separately: she didn't much like the polar bear being up for protection - in her state - either. So much so that she misrepresented the conclusions of Alaska's own scientists, and dismissed US Geological Survey studies that concluded the polar bear was threatened by global warming.

Seems like rallying the base is important for some reason to Republican strategists; but do you think that interpretation about the Delta smelt persuades people on the fence?