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Beutner + 2 months at DWP?

So, on tomorrow's agenda for the Board of Water and Power Commissioners, there's an item that seems like fun: LA deputy mayor Austin Beutner is probably going to get re-upped for 2 more months. Don't worry, he won't get any more money: just the original dollar he signed for.

What's interesting is that we're coming up on a year without a permanent DWP chief. After David Nahai resigned, we've had some David Freeman, some Austin Beutner, and a smattering of Raman Raj periods. I'm a little surprised: every time I've talked to Beutner or anyone else at DWP they've reiterated how he intends to be out as soon as possible, be it early - before summer's end - or on time - which would be next week.

What do you think this means for DWP's long term plans?

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