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'Plastic State of Mind': Parody rap video urges for more bag bans

Glass half-full type environmentalists are still rejoicing that L.A. County banned plastic bags yesterday — while glass half-empty types are bemoaning the fact that the bag ban only applies to the unincorporated areas of L.A. County. Well, here’s a funny parody enviro-rap video both groups can get behind: “Plastic State of Mind.”

The overplayed Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song has now inspired an eco-anthem to ban single-use plastic bags. The song minces no words! Goes the chorus: “Ban bags made of plastic / convenience will kill you.” And the verses pack a very educational punch: “Even her breast milk / it’s got PCB and BPA.” OMG!

Created by an eco-spiritual group in California (are there eco-spiritual groups in other states?) called Green Sangha, “Plastic State of Mind” urges people not only to BYO-bag it to the stores, but also to push for government bans of the disposable blights.

Now that the L.A. County fight has been won — threats of lawsuits not withstanding — will you push for a bag ban in your city?