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Morning greens: Supreme Court rules on global warming, climate change hits CA waters, and Simi Valley is over LA's trash

Happy Summer Solstice, Southern California! Now for your green news:

West LA’s trash is not Simi Valley's treasure. Simi Valley wants it known that Los Angeles County’s trash need to find a new home. As ABC7 reports, “According to the Ventura County Star, Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett wants a surcharge of $4.50 to $5 a ton on all Los Angeles trash bound for the Simi Valley Landfill & Recycling Center.” Get ready to pay up, since “nearly 40 percent of the garbage taken to Simi Valley comes from Agoura Hills, Calabasas and the western San Fernando Valley.”

Supreme Court rejects global warming lawsuit: Everyone take a deep breath – or not. As The New York Times reports, “The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously rejected a lawsuit that had sought to force major electric utilities to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions without waiting for federal regulators to act.” In an 8-0 decision, the top justices ruled that the regulation of greenhouse gases falls to Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency, not the court.

Climate change hits California coast. Surfers may soon be able to give up their wet suits, but this is no reason to celebrate. Via KQED, “The river of ocean water known as the California Current barges in off the Aleutians, and as it rolls southward along the West Coast, makes for more than bone-chilling body surfing. It supports a robust stew of sea life.” But as The Sand Diego Union-Tribune reports, the current is warming up and threatening biodiversity off the California coast. As KQED writes, “Scientists say shellfish are already under attack from acid levels elevated when the ocean is forced to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.” Here's a site from where you can see how climate change is affecting Southern California on a local level.

And finally, stuck at work and can’t wait for weekend? Just in time for mid-week madness, LA Creek Freak brings up this cool new time-lapsed bike cruise along the L.A. River. And while you’re in the neighborhood, imagine slapping fins with this giant carp caught and released back into the river.

Image: alexchaffee/Flickr