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Senate Approves John Bryson as Commerce Secretary

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President Barack Obama stands with John Bryson after nominating Bryson to be the next Commerce Secretary, on May 31, 2011 in Washington, D.C. Bryson has now been confirmed by the Senate.

While the California Air Resources Board was approving a cap-and-trade scheme to start in 2013 in-state, in Washington the U.S. Senate has approved John Bryson as the next Commerce Secretary. Bryson's nomination was controversial from the get-go. 

Republicans vowed to block Bryson back in July. But in the end his opposition among some Republican senators fizzled as they grudgingly admitted that he has the credentials to serve. As Politico's Darren Goode reports, Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain said, "If I were president of the United States, I would probably not have nominated Mr. Bryson. But I think we all ought to appreciate the fact that elections do have consequences." (Of course, he would know.)

Back in June we looked at 5 environmental connections for Mr. Bryson and California: he'll have authority over matters relating to NOAA, which means interaction with oceans policy and climate policy. Kitty Felde in Washington covered the short confirmation hearing that same month. 

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