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Song of the Week, from MGMT, because we're feelin' electric

FYI, this is just the bottom part of the electric car. Nobody killed this one.
FYI, this is just the bottom part of the electric car. Nobody killed this one.
Molly Peterson/KPCC

Hey did you know there's an Auto Show in LA this week? Kidding. But between the story I reported with my girl Shereen Marisol Meraji that first aired on Madeleine's show this morning, and the discussions of fuel efficiency, I gotta say, I'm feelin' electric. (Unrelated trivia: did you know that's the original name of the musical Next to Normal?)

I think over at Debord Report Matt is making it clear that it's not EXACTLY the electric car's year over at the Convention Center, even if the Prius is having a Multiplicity moment. The Green Car Journal's car of the year award went to a compressed natural gas car. Ford won "automotive green marketer of the year" for incorporating miles per gallon into its advertising…still not quite miles per charge. Granted, the car industry likes to give itself more awards than a middle school of millenials, so they can't all mean something, but from my brief wanderings around the exhibition halls, it all looks sort of familiar. You can take this with a grain of salt, since I'm not a 10-year-old Matt Debord or his progeny, but if the auto show were a wine, it would have dominant top notes of shine and carpeting, middle notes of women in spandex and the increasingly-plasticky sound of a car door closing, and bottom notes of leather and gasoline.

But Shereen and I have been kicking around a discussion of the viability of the electric car market since around the CODA grand opening. (We still go back and forth on our answer to that one.) The star-studded (if you count Herb Wesson and Mary Nichols as famous, which I do, they're famous to me) event featured a playlist with songs including the word electric. "Electric Avenue." "Electric Boogie. [a/k/a the electric slide song]."

Since one of those songs I think is actually about a riot in Brixton, and the other brings back memories of every wedding I went to in the 5 years after college, we're going a different direction. Song of the Week is MGMT's "Electric Feel."*

All along the eastern shore

Put your circuits in the sea

This is what the world is for

Making electricity

You can feel it in your mind

Oh you can do it all the time

Plug it in and change the world

You are my electric girl.

*Okay, this song's probably about drugs. Or girls. Or those things plus a rave in a forest. Just go with it, alright. It's pretty good, actually.

I said ooh girl

Shock me like an electric eel

Baby girl

Turn me on with your electric feel

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