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When big companies do good things: Coors aims for world's largest landfill-free brewery


Bill Coors is something of an OG in the environmental world; disgusted with the empty cans he saw littering the landscape Colorado back in the late ‘50s, Coors was inspired to create seamless, recyclable cans. Coupled with a “Cash For Cans” program where Coors paid one cent per returned can, Coors opened the door for companies to take a personal responsibility in social concerns.

Having carried that tradition throughout the years to the point that all MillerCoors breweries reuse and/or recycle 99% of all wastes. With four of those breweries already achieving “zero to landfill” status, MillerCoors has set a new goal of their biggest brewery in Golden, CO, reaching that 100% mark as well.

“We’re aiming for 2015 to accomplish becoming a zero-to-landfill brewery but don’t be surprised if we hit that goal ahead of time,” says the Colorado Brewery’s Environmental Health and Science Engineer, Fred Linton in a press release. “We want to give our employees one more thing to be proud of when they come to work for MillerCoors at the Golden Brewery – and our customers yet another reason to pick up one of our great beers.”

On a Friday afternoon with “Happy Hour” rapidly approaching, we can’t think of a better reason to make that first toast of Blue Moon. Here’s to sustainable beer and responsible consumption. Cheers!