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Santa Monica signs resolution towards sustainability bill of rights

Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica
Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica
Eric Demarcq/Flickr (Creative Commons-licensed)

The city of Santa Monica has signed a new eco-positive resolution that aims to guarantee citizens a series of environmental rights based around sustainability — and the right to sue if they’re not met:

The right to clean, affordable and accessible water from sustainable water sources for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes; the right to a sustainable energy future based on sustainable renewable energy sources; the right to a sustainable natural climate unaltered by fossil fuel emissions…the right to clean indoor and outdoor air, clean water and clean soil that pose a negligible health risk to the public; and the right to a sustainable food system that provides healthy, locally grown food to the community…

So goes the ambitious new bill, which builds on Santa Monica’s already robust commitment to environmentalism, with the city’s first sustainability plan established back in 1994. Presented to city council this past January, the bill passed unanimously and will be reintroduced as an ordinance for another vote before the end of the year.