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Red car remnants in Ballona Wetlands (picture)

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I went out to Ballona Wetlands yesterday, and yep, it was wet. (Though mostly windy by the time I was there.) There, in addition to, you know, all the reporting, and the sighting of marine-military copters taking El Presidente to his Foo Fighters party, I was reminded once again of the fact that I know squat-all about rail car history in Los Angeles.

I didn't fully realize that the red cars that once ran through places like my beloved Atwater Village (where there's a Red Car pocket park) also ran to the ocean on a Balloon route (which, I'm guessing, is the source of the remnant trestle I saw in Ballona). I might have known it, but I didn't grok it. Subway to the sea, indeed.

Look, give me a break; I've only lived here four years, and this is a big city. And if you've got recommendations for books about this fascinating piece of LA history, hit me in the comments. 

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