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Shaving your face with beer waste

Close-up of beer in glass.
Close-up of beer in glass.

While beer’s immense popularity is still primarily based on drinking it, enterprising minds have found an interesting array of uses for the frothy beverage. In the 1970s, Bristol-Myers produced Body On Tap, a beer-enriched shampoo. While it’s been long discontinued, some people swear by beer’s hair benefits enough to make their own version of the shampoo. I also recently discovered that there are gardeners who use beer as an effective (if somewhat gruesome) method of ridding plants of snails and slugs.

In that same spirit of making the most out of leftover brew, Triple Pundit reports that Anheuser-Busch (AB-InBev) is working with company Blue Marble on converting waste generated from making beer into renewable chemicals that can be used in shaving cream and soap.

As reported in Forbes, Blue Marble makes biochemicals for a wide variety of products, and is looking to amend the use of coffee grounds in their fermentation reactors with brewers’ waste. These byproducts will also reduce the company’s reliance on petroleum-based materials. After testing small batches last year, Blue Marble will set up a bio-refinery pilot at an as yet undisclosed North American Anheuser-Busch brewery.