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Song of the Week: "The Whale Song," for the festival in Dana Point


Even California grey whales need to stop and check for directions. This weekend and next, Dana Point is the place they'll do it, and so the city's holding its 41st annual Festival of Whales. Ground zero for Dana Point's party is the Headlands Conservation area: 

The Park includes a public trail system, over three miles in length, and links all the parks and open space areas of the Headlands. The system includes pedestrian trails, coastal and beach access, scenic overlooks and the Nature Interpretive Center. The parks and trails can be reached either off of Green Lantern or at Dana Strand Rd., limited parking is available along these streets or at the Nature Interpretive Center parking lot. The trails are open from 7 a.m. to sunset daily.

This weekend they've got a parade, a block party, educational lectures, and a sandcastle building contest. 

California grey whales have been having a big year so far, considering they got what was probably a heartwarming family feature film about them. You'd hardly notice there's an effort underway to list them as endangered. But as we heard in a story from Fronteras this week, Baja California's environmental groups are working to protect areas where they can thrive.

So in general recognition of California grey whales this week, our song is "The Whale Song," by Pearl Jam.

The sun was in clouds.
The sun looked out.
Exposed a trail of mist and spouts.
Ships followed the ancient lead.
Deceiving friends under the sea.

Wow, imagine that?
They won't fight back.
I got a theory on that.
A whale's heart is as big as a car.
A whaler's thought must be smudged by the dark.

They won't fight back.
I'm sure they know how.
Means they love or are too proud.

If I was lost at sea.
That harpoon boat in front of me.
It's the whale I'd like to be.

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