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Directors David and Josh Lamb grab a final chat with Coastal Commission's Peter Douglas

Peter Douglas at the Carrizo Plain
Peter Douglas at the Carrizo Plain
Lamb Brothers/OWN

I blogged a lot about Peter Douglas before The Madeleine Brand Show did their conversation about him yesterday. I've been thinking about Douglas quite a bit. As they might say on the streets of Baltimore, his name rang out. For me that started during law school, when I learned about key decisions at the California Coastal Commission and the legal reasons for them.

For directors David and Josh Lamb, that started when they were researching people to put on an Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) video short series. They came to him at the end; David Lamb says the duo called Douglas during a retirement party. By the time the Lamb brothers met the "really engaging" Douglas, he was on hospice care, but still met them at the Goodwin Ranch on the Carrizo Plain National Monument.  

"My impression of Peter was that he had a quick wit,  was articulate and well spoken and had a passionate love of the landscape although he had slowed down quite a bit even then," David Lamb says. He calls Douglas "contemplative," aware and accepting of being attacked. "He said there were six hard full fledged attempts to remove him from his position at the coastal commission."

I was surprised to hear Peter Douglas remained, even then, concerned with preserving the coastal areas that stretched a good deal inland, especially in northern California. But not surprised that he made a positive impression on the Lamb Brothers: "He seemed very genuine in his efforts to preserve the coastal areas and was inspiring in doing so." And that's the story they told. Check it out, its a minute long.