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Pebble Beach close to environmentally conscious compromise?

Actor Clint Eastwood is among the owners of Pebble Beach Co.
Actor Clint Eastwood is among the owners of Pebble Beach Co.

After years of contentious debate, the prestigious Pebble Beach golf property is confident the California Coastal Commission will approve a new development plan.

Under the heading of the last development proposal for Pebble Beach ever, the plans include a new 100-room hotel and restaurant, up to 90 new homes and expansions of the existing Lodge at Pebble Beach and Inn at Spanish Bay. The proposal also protects 635 acres of Monterey pine trees. The Coastal Commission is scheduled to vote on the proposal this Wednesday. 

What the plans do not include are any new golf courses. As reported by the Oakland Tribune, the Coastal Commission shot down a 2007 proposal that included a new 18-hole course and would have leveled as many as 18,000 trees.

The storied grounds are co-owned by Clint Eastwood, Arnold Palmer and former Major League Baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth, who laid the groundwork for this new proposal through meetings with the late Peter Douglas, longtime executive director and defining presence of the Coastal Commission who died of complications related to lung cancer last month.

"I was able to talk about his views and his vision and ours, and in the end I think I found myself more on his side of the argument than I was on ours," Ueberroth said in the Oakland Tribune. "And that's on the merits. We had a commonality of loving the ocean, of growing up in the area…I got to know Peter very well over the years. He was right, and we were wrong. God bless him."

The plan is far from environmentally perfect, however. 4,000 trees would still have to be cut down to make way for the proposed developments.